Tanvi Talwar Kaushal

After becoming a mom in the year 2018, my life completely changed. So many things I dint have an idea about, I was doing on a routine basis. I was dealing with a billion emotions, physical exhaustion, confusion, paranoia, anxiety and the new love.. that love that I had no idea I was capable of feeling. It was a roller coaster of emotions.

I loved being a mom, I did have help too, my family was very supportive, I had a hands on loving husband.. I had all the support I could ask for, but still I was scared, I was exhausted, I dint focus on myself anymore, I was losing myself somewhere.. and everyone I spoke to; gave me mostly a very rosy picture of their experience.. and I started to believe I was the only one going crazy.. until much later that I realised that people don’t really share what they go through.. could be for a billion reasons, not all negative.. sometimes you even forget what you have been through.. sometimes you remember it but don’t see the point in repeating it.. sometimes you just think it’s too personal to share.

That’s when I started writing. I write to make myself feel good. I write to make others feel good. I write to be candid, imperfect and bloody real. I write so that even if one mother or parent out there feels better after reading my post, I have accomplished the purpose as to why I started writing. I write to share my experience. I write because I’m proud of what I’ve been through and what I’ve become as a product of it; and I want to encourage others who are in the same boat. I write because I love who I have become.

Most importantly I write, to tell all those parents out there who are feeling alone… that you’re not alone! That we all are going through it. You’re doing a great job. Keep at it. This too shall pass and you’ll miss this time when it passes.

Here are my notes, from one parent to another. Happy Reading!