>>>Let go but don’t lose yourself<<<

Having a baby changed almost everything for me, overnight.

From being raised in a way to be independent and well educated and doing everything for myself, I would say it changed suddenly from being selfish to selfless. I mean if anyone knows me, knows how much I love my sleep, so just to let that go initially was a big deal. And that was just the beginning. I, like all new moms, had let gone of my sleep, my routine, my meal timings and habits, my work, my time and I was losing myself too, I think I did lose some part of my (self centered)self in the process.

I love my baby and so I used to think, to think about myself, makes me a selfish (bad) mother. Then again, it took a long time and a lot of support from my family (especially my husband) to accept that’s it is alright to think about yourself. It is infact healthier for the child too. A happy mom means a happy baby. It is okay to go get that blow dry just so it makes you feel good. It is okay to sit alone in your room and do absolutely nothing. It is okay to work. It is ok to give in only as much as needed. It is okay to ask for help. It is ok that one gets ME TIME.

As a matter of fact, alone (me) time helped me become calmer and handle every situation better. Its gives you a sense of self. It helps you connect with your inner self. It reminds you of who you actually are and how you are growing everyday. It reminds you of the changes you’re going through and how that’s nit bad, its just different.

For me, my alone time is the most precious part of my day. I look forward to just sitting, all alone, sometimes watching something or reading, cleaning, applying a face mask, penning down my thoughts, meditating, or simply doing nothing!

It clears my mind and I feel refreshed for whatever comes next, and well as a mom of a toddler, you know it could literally be anything!



By parentnotes

I am a mother of a two year old, simply writing what I feel from the heart.
Sharing my experiences of being a mom, how I deal with that while being candid, unfiltered, imperfect and real.
Trying to resonate with other parents who are trying to keep it real while being perfectly imperfect.

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