>>>Imperfect & Real<<<

Imperfect and real

For me, it’s about being imperfect and real.

Although it wasn’t exactly so from the very beginning.

Initially, I too, like a lot of new first time moms, tried to be perfect and follow the book. I did a lot of things as I was told or advised by doctors or elders or friends.

It took sometime to understand and accept it but eventually I realised that every child is different, so is every parent and that

it’s OKAY to be imperfect and

it’s OKAY to make mistakes and

it’s OKAY to do what suits you and sometimes only you,

because let’s face it, it’s not easy to begin with, so just make it real and have fun while you watch your child grow and watch yourself grow a even more.

#learn #growth #imperfection #reality #parenting

By parentnotes

I am a mother of a two year old, simply writing what I feel from the heart.
Sharing my experiences of being a mom, how I deal with that while being candid, unfiltered, imperfect and real.
Trying to resonate with other parents who are trying to keep it real while being perfectly imperfect.

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