“Candid, unfiltered & real take on parenthood”

Parent Notes

My candid, real & imperfect notes on parenthood.

Raising children can be exhausting, let’s atleast try and keep it real. Perfectly imperfect take on motherhood.

It’s really hard to maintain that balance between letting yourself go and still trying to sustain who you are. Try not to lose yourself.

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>>>Let go but don’t lose yourself<<<

Having a baby changed almost everything for me, overnight. From being raised in a way to be independent and well educated and doing everything for myself, I would say it changed suddenly from being selfish to selfless. I mean if anyone knows me, knows how much I love my sleep, so just to let that […]

>>>Imperfect & Real<<<

Imperfect and real For me, it’s about being imperfect and real. Although it wasn’t exactly so from the very beginning. Initially, I too, like a lot of new first time moms, tried to be perfect and follow the book. I did a lot of things as I was told or advised by doctors or elders […]

>>>Parent Notes<<<

From experiencing pregnancy, to random advice, to delivery, post partum and finally raising a child.  Phew! It’s HARD!  Whether you have full time help or an amazing family or the most understanding & hands-on husband, the truth is; it is still hard!  And it definitely takes some(lots of) getting used to. This space is just […]

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